Hydrotherapy: isn't that what they give injured racehorses?

Absolutely! The simplistic make-up of water doesn't signify the amazing things it can do for humans too and any physiotherapist worth their salt will be able to explain.
Gaining in popularity with many physiotherapists, Hydrotherapy, or Aquatic therapy: using the soothing and healing properties of water to encourage healing, is being proven to help many injuries.

Why do I need a physiotherapist? Can’t I just go to my local pool?

Aquatic Therapy refers to treatments or exercises performed for relaxation, fitness and physical rehabilitation in a specialised temperature-controlled pool monitored by a professional to ensure nothing goes wrong. The combination of heat and the buoyancy in the water provides a relaxing environment so that your physiotherapist can increase the level of your treatments or rehabilitation exercises without putting pressure on joints or muscles.
These treatments are not just to return sports people to training quickly, they can also be beneficial for a range of conditions such as arthritis, long term back pain, neurological conditions and especially pre and post surgery.

Isn’t this just another new trend?

Although it’s easy to think that therapeutic treatments centred on water is a new concept, forms of hydrotherapy can trace their roots back as far as ancient Eqyptian, Persian, Greek and Roman civilisations. Most people in these ages bathed in water of various temperatures with essential oils, for different health related reasons, or bathed in hot springs to relieve illness.
Becoming really popular in the Victorian era using cold water, the tradition has continued and can be seen in the ice baths regime used by many athletes today.

Is it right for you?

As a physiotherapist, I strive to be knowledgeable on every type of treatment available so that I can provide the best results. As well as being a real stress buster clients have experienced an increase in digestion activity, improvement in skin and muscle tone and a boost to the immune system following Aquatic therapy, so it really does have all round benefits.
If you have been injured recently and want to get back to normal as quickly as possible then Hydrotherapy could be the answer. It can provide you with a relaxing, low risk treatment that can help you swiftly get back on track, but it should always be performed under supervision and direction from a trained therapist. If you would like to know more about Aquatic Therapy get in touch on 07758 220980, hayley@p1physio.co.uk to arrange an appointment.