At P1 Physiotherapy, our ethos is to provide full holistic assessments to promote recovery and well being through individualised programmes.

We are skilled in providing a wide range of high quality treatments. If you are a hairdresser with backache, a sports player with an injured muscle or a keen gardener with too many aches and pains - we can help.

Using the therapy techniques below we can treat all musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.

Manual Therapy - Using mobilising techniques to improve joint movement and function and reduce pain and swelling.

Myofascial Release Techniques - A large variety of techniques to help relax and lengthen muscles and fascia to improve function and range of movement.

Acupuncture - Using small sterile needles in specific points on the body identified through an assessment to relieve pain and symptoms.

Kinesio Taping - Applied as an adjunct to treatment to reduce swelling, promote muscle relaxation and encourage activation. Can be used for injuries or to enhance performance.

Spinal Mobilisation - Movements provided to independent segments of the spine to increase movement and reduce pain.

Massage - Can help reduce swelling, pain and aid myofascial movement.

Biomechanical Assessment - Analysing the movement of your lower limbs to determine abnormalities or causes of pain in the foot, ankle, knee and back.

Functional Rehabilitation - Using a variety of movement based methods to restore functionality and fitness following injury or surgery.