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The Most Common Sporting Injuries

Causes, treatments and prevention to keep you performing at your best.

How to deal with and avoid back pain

Chances are that at some point you've had some form of back pain, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. Whatever causes it, it can be one of the most crippling and hard to get rid of injuries. 

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) - more than just knee pain?

A painful knee can have huge effects on your life if undealt with. As a physiotherapy clinic, PFPS is something we deal with commonly. But what is it, other than a mouthful and a painful knee and what does it mean if you’ve been diagnosed with it?

Hydrotherapy: isn’t that what they give to injured racehorses?

Absolutely! The simplistic make-up of water doesn’t signify the amazing things it can do for humans too and any physiotherapist 

Gaining in popularity with many physiotherapists, Hydrotherapy, or Aquatic therapy: using the soothing and healing properties of water to encourage healing, is being proven to help many injuries.

The Kinesio Coloured Tape Debate

During the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, you may have wondered why everybody seemed to be covered in coloured tape.  Kinesio Tape is a recently popular treatment for sporting injuries, but the important question is: does it work?